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E-ISSN:2454-9258 | P-ISSN:2454-809X | Estd Year: 2015


Vol. 8, Jan-Dec 2022

Research Article

 Page no: 01-10

Synthesis of Ceramic Membrane and it’s Biological Applications

M V Patil, A C Tawate, S R Bamane

A new oval shaped CaTiSiO5 and AlTiZrO4 Nano particles were synthesized by wet chemical Co-precipitation and muffle ignition method. The oval shapes of Nano material were confirmed...

Research Article

 Page no: 11-18

Leveraging DNN Model for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Surveillance System Based on Internet of Things (IOT),

Karan Mor

Limitation, Visibility, Proximity, Detection, Recognition has generally been quite difficult for a reconnaissance framework. We can feel these difficulties in ventures where observ...

Research Article

 Page no: 19-33

Biostimulant: The New Entrant in the Fertilizer Control Order 1985

Dr Abhijit Pujari, V K Gupta, Dr Deepak Phal

Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmer Welfare has issued an Order Dated 23rd February 2021, regarding the addition of Biostimulants in the Fertilizer Control Order 1985. Th...

Research Article

 Page no: 34-44

Leveraging Deep Learning Methodologies to Effectively Predict Stock Market Trends

Arjun Panwar

The securities exchange is exceptionally questionable and profoundly unstable as the costs of stocks hold fluctuate because of a few factors that foresee stocks, a messy and challe...

Research Article

 Page no: 45-50

Employability of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Enhancing the Accuracy of the Low-Cost Meteorological Monitoring System

Anoushka Mongia

Weather conditions are an exception that shows the present air conditions, like temperature, wind course, moisture and so on, over a topographical area. Weather conditions checking...