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Leveraging DNN Model for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Surveillance System Based on Internet of Things (IOT),

Karan Mor

Vol. 8, Jan-Dec 2022

Page Number: 011-018


Limitation, Visibility, Proximity, Detection, Recognition has generally been quite difficult for a reconnaissance framework. We can feel these difficulties in ventures where observation frameworks are utilized like military, specialized agribusiness, and different fields. The more significant part of the Smart frameworks accessible is only for human intercession observation. There is a requirement for a framework that can use for creatures because the eruption of the human populace and cooperative relationship with wild animals brings misfortune and harm to horticulture. This paper intends to beat these difficulties referenced above for human and creature-based reconnaissance frameworks' progressively application. The framework arrangement is made on a Raspberry pi incorporated with profound learning models, which play out the order of articles on the edges. The grouped things are given to a face identification model for additional handling. The distinguished face is handed-off to the back-end for include planning with the saved log documents containing elements of recognizable face IDs. Tried four models for face discovery, out of which the DNN model played out awesome, giving an exactness of 94.88%. The framework can likewise send alarms to the administrator, assuming any danger is recognized with the assistance of a correspondence module.

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