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E-ISSN:2454-9258 | P-ISSN:2454-809X | Estd Year: 2015


Developing A Smart Accounting System by Leveraging the Big Data Analytics to Meet Futuristic Requirements

Archit Dahiya

Vol. 6, Jan-Dec 2020

Page Number: 037-042


The motivation behind this examination is to contemplate and break down the Big Data, to recognize the difficulties which confronting Big Data in business associations, and to explain the effect of Big Data on changing the parts of bookkeepers and bookkeeping calling. Deciding the effect of extensive information examination on progress bookkeeping data quality. To accomplish this target, reference was made to past investigations and related examination, with a subjective report dependent on inside and out and semi-organized meetings with pros in the field of bookkeeping and information examination. The investigation closed the effect of enormous information on the parts of bookkeepers and the calling of bookkeeping, later on, the significance of enormous information examination in improving the bookkeeping data quality. The other fundamental discoveries of this examination are that the significance to show Big Data and business investigation in the educational plan of bookkeeping instruction at the college level to upgrade understudies' information on the significance of such information and how to deal with a store and use them in the bookkeeping field. The examination suggests completing further logical and applied exploration in Big Data to know its effect on the improvements of the bookkeeping calling. The first commitment of the examination lies in the observational examination of the wonder of Big Data and the degree of the requirement for it since it gives incredible open doors in the field of bookkeeping estimation, changing the functions of bookkeepers, the advancement of the bookkeeping calling, and improving the nature of bookkeeping data as one of the latest improvements in the bookkeeping setting.

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