International Peer Reviewed (Refereed), Open Access Research Journal

E-ISSN:2454-9258 | P-ISSN:2454-809X | Estd Year: 2015


The International Journal of Innovations in Applied Sciences and Engineering, a broad-based open access journal, is centered on two basic values: the publication of the most vibrant research related articles to the issues of our Journal. Secondly, to enable a quick turnaround time for reviewing, publishing, and freely disseminating articles for teaching and reference. IJIASE provides free access to international qualitative research without financial, legal, or technical constraints. All of this organization's reviews are free to disseminate and can be seen on our websites.

IJIASE is an open access publication model that allows for the unrestricted dissemination of research articles throughout the world, usually over the Internet. As a result, anyone connecting to the internet can read any work published under open access. IJIASE is a supporter of the "Open Access" project. All articles published in IJIASE have their abstracts and full text (typically in PDF format) made available to the public instantly after publication.

International Journal of Innovations in Applied Sciences and Engineering (IJIASE) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to serving the needs of professionals, academics, and research organisations working in the field of applied science and engineering. The editorial board is made up of scientists from several international major universities, allowing them to cover the journal's topics and analyse all of the articles submitted. The double-blinded review mechanism ensures that publications are presented in the best possible light. The editing policy is totally transparent, including the submission, review, acceptance, and publication of papers.

Periodicity: International Journal of Innovations in Applied Sciences and Engineering publishes issue on yearly basis since 2015.


The mission of the International Journal of Innovations in Applied Sciences and Engineering is to publish original, analytical, conceptual, or applied research in all fields, as well as to provide a platform for publishing results and research with a robust scientific component, to bridge the theory - practice gap by encouraging the publication of original, novel, industry-relevant research; to seek out original and unpublished scientific articles based on theoretical or experimental works for global publication; and to publish original, theoretical, and practical advances in all interdisciplinary streams of engineering sciences, to provide a platform for publishing research findings and findings having a strong scientific aspect